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Department Service

Commercial License Services

Change of Company Name


This service enables the "Facility" to change its name.

  • In case of legal structure is Branch (whether of foreign company or UAE company), the name change might be on the Operating name (the name registered for that branch in DHCC) or Parent Company name or Both.
  • In case of legal structure is FZ LLC, the name change can be on the Operating name and License Name Provided that the new name is acceptable to the registrar and is in compliance with D​HCR laws and regulations.

​The change of name will get effect from the date on which the registrar issues the certificate of name change.


​Commercial l​​​​​icense must be valid​

Required Documents

For FZ-LLC Companies

  • Board Resolution​
  • ​​​Memorandum of association​​
  • Article of association 
  • Copy of advertisement

For Branch Companies

  • Certificat​e Of Name Change/Amendment Certificate of incorporation Of Parent Company
  • Notarized  Shareholders resolution for parent company​
Fees (AED)
AED 2400

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Time Frame
2-3 working days (Excluding: 15 days advertisement notice period)
Policies And Procedures
  • A​​pply online.
  • Select Commercial Services
  • Apply for Change of Company Name
  • DHCR team review the application.​
  • Facility will upload the required documents and newspaper advertisement
  • DHCR team check that no objections are received. (For FZ-LLC facilities only)
  • Notarize the genera​​ted documents then stamp them
  • Make Payment (Payment can be made over available channels: counter, online, cheque or via wire transfer)
Please find below the Wire Transfer details: Name of the bank: Dubai Islamic Bank Address: Main branch, Al Shola Building, Al E​ttihad Road, P.O. Box 1080, Dubai, UAE Account name: DUBAI HEALTHCARE CITY AUTHORITY​ Account number: 001520061672102 International Bank Account Number (IBAN): AE900240001520061672102 SWIFT: DUIBAEAD Currency: AED
  • Facility name is updated and DHCR issues new version of commercial license, operating permits, Company change name certificate and updated company register.​​​