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Boards and Councils

In accordance with the DHCA Governing Regulation No. 1 of 2013 the following Boards, Councils, and Committees have been formed:

    1. Licensing Board
    This board acts independently within the provisions of the governing and applicable regulations and grant licenses to healthcare professionals who intend to practice in DHCC.
    2. Appeals Board

    This board acts independently within the provisions of the governing and applicable regulations as the final appellate authority in decisions relating to:

    • The licensing of healthcare professionals, and healthcare operators to operate within DHCC; and
    • Complaints against healthcare professionals, healthcare operators, research operators and education providers in relation to activities carried out in DHCC.
    3. Quality Council

    This council comprises experts in healthcare quality with roles including, but not limited to:

    • The setting of criteria and requirements to ensure the best quality healthcare services are provided by DHCC-licensed healthcare operators.
    • Overseeing all healthcare quality and patient safety matters in DHCC.
    • The development and monitoring of the overall performance of DHCC’s quality oversight process. This is based on defined performance indicators including the survey process to assess the quality improvement and safety programmes of DHCC-licensed healthcare operators.
    4. Academic and Research Council
    This council provides guidance for education and clinical research and oversees the development of policies, standards and guidance for DHCC’s education and research programs, including continuous professional development programs and post graduate healthcare education programs.
    5. Complaints Panel
    The panel comprises a pool of experts in the provision of quality care, the licensing of healthcare professionals and operators, education providers or research entities. The complaints panel appoints a ‘Fit to Practice’ panel to review complaints against healthcare professionals and operators.
    6. 'Fit to Practice' Panel
    This panel comprises experts who investigate medical complaints received by DHCR against healthcare professionals and operators and then submits it to the complaints Panel.
    7. CPD Accreditation Committee
    This committee of experts reviews CPD programs received by DHCR from DHCR education permit holders.
    8. Research Ethics Review Committee
    This committee of experts reviews research protocols received by DHCR from DHCR research permit holders and then submits relevant recommendations and approvals.
    9. Facility Committee
    Experts on this committee review applications and issues concerning clinical services and provide recommendations and/or approval.