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Department Service

Commercial License Services

Company Deregistration


  • This service allows an entity to request deregistration of an FZ-LLC and the cancellation of Commercial License through this service.
  • When a business partner ceases the operation in Dubai Health Care City, the Licensee is required to cancel the Commercial License. 
  • For FZ-LLC, a Deregistration process is required in addition to the cancellation of Commercial License.​

​​The commercial License must be valid (Active, Expired or suspended)

Required Documents

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Fees (AED)

​AED 1500

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Time Frame
3-5 working days
Policies And Procedures

Apply online. 

  1. Enter the deregistration reason.
  2. Set advertisement dates and upload the newspaper clip. 
  3. Upload the required documents.
  4. Select the notarization method.
  5. Make Payment (Payment can be made over available channels: counter, online, cheque, Advance deposit or via wire transfer)
  6. Deregis​tration certificate will be generated
  7. Note that any paid fees will not be refundable.​​​