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Department Service

Commercial License Services

Amendment of Company Segment, Activities and Specialty


This service permits the facility when there are proposed changes in their existing segment, activity or specialty to the operating permit of the facility in the current location. This permits the facility to amend the OP keeping current location and facility name intact.


​ 1. Commercial Li​​cense must be valid

​​2. Valid Operating Permit (only for clinical facilities)

Required Documents
  • Board Resolution (only in case of adding, removing and change of segments).
  • Business Plan (only for clinical facilities) for adding/changing segment, activities or specialties

Fees (AED)
  •  Modification fee​: AED 2,500 (For Clinical)​​
  •  License amendment fee​: AED 520

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Time Frame
Initial Approval: 5-10 Working Days Note: Issuance of Initial Approval will depend on the list of activities and fulfilling the requirements of DHCA and this can be subject to change.
Policies And Procedures
  1. Apply onl​ine. 
  2. Select Commercial Services
  3. Apply for Amendment company segments, activities and specialties
  4. Make Payment (Payment can be made over the counter or via wire transfer
  5. Pleas​​e find below the Wire Transfer details:

    Nam​e of the bank:  Dubai I​slamic Bank
    Address: Mai​n branch, Al Shola Building, Al Ettihad Road, P.O. Box 1080, Dubai, UAE
    Account number: 001520061672102
    International Bank Account Number (IBAN): AE900240001520061672102​
    Currency: AED
  6. DHCR Team reviews the application and submitted documents.
  7. Change the commercial license and the operating permit with the updated licensing categories.