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Professional Licensing

All Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) within Dubai Healthcare City must obtain a license from the DHCR's Professional Licensing Department (PLD) to practice in their field. The PLD reviews and processes each prospective license application.

How is the Professional Licensing Department (PLD) regulated?

The Professional Licensing Department (PLD) is regulated by the Licensing Board – an independent body appointed by the Dubai Healthcare City Authority. The Licensing Board is a member of the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), making it the f​irst medical regulatory authority in the Middle East to join the organization.

Primary responsibilities of the Licensing Board include:

  •  Total responsibility for all decisions pertaining to licensing and credentialing of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) within Dubai Healthcare City to ensure licensing of highly qualified Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)
  • Policy decision making where licensing criteria and processes are concerned
  • Reviewing regulatory violations – complaints/cases raised through the Customer Protection Unit (CPU) by patients against Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and where applicable, taking disciplinary action against unlicensed Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)
  • Imposing penalties on licensees including assessing fines; imposing additional training; mandating supervision of practice; and summarily suspending, revoking, or denying renewal of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) licenses

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